Conjugates-Art by Manss Aval Fine Art

Manss Aval Fine Art Shows The Conjugates Art

Manss Aval Fine Art, the lead designer of the highlighted project Art by Manss Aval Fine Art says, This project deals with the inherent beauty of geometric constructs. Photographs of real objects are used to explore how nominally inanimate geometric <Cropped>

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Entrance Table:1909 Elephants's Child by Fabrizio Constanza

Fabrizio Constanza Creates The 1909 Elephants's Child Entrance Table

Fabrizio Constanza, the architect of the displayed design 1909 Elephants's Child by Fabrizio Constanza points out, The composition strength is based on four elements: utility, form, color, and light. The product is design to function as Entrance <Cropped>

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Gretchen-Tango Pouch by Anne-Christin Schmitt

Anne-christin Schmitt Exhibits The Gretchen-tango Pouch Handbag, Evening Bag

Anne-Christin Schmitt, the creator of the displayed project Award Winning Gretchen - Tango Pouch Handbag, Evening Bag says, The Tango Pouch is an outstanding bag with a truly innovative design. It is a wearable piece of art worn by the wristlet-handl <Cropped>

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All Types of Interior Designing . Vehicle and Architectureinterior and Exterior of Architectural and Automotive

All types of interior designing . vehicle and architectureInterior and exterior of architectural and automotive.

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1869 Principe Real by Joao Loureiro

Joao Loureiro Shows The 1869 Principe Real Branding

Joao Loureiro, the lead designer of the awarded project Branding:1869 Principe Real by Joao Loureiro spells out, 1869 Principe Real is a Bed and Breakfast located in the trendiest place in Lisbon - Principe Real. Madonna just bought a house in this n <Cropped>

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Kuang Ming (ray), Chou's Song Art Museum Art Museum

Kuang Ming (ray), Chou Reveals The Song Art Museum Art Museum

Kuang Ming (Ray), Chou, the designer of the displayed project Song Art Museum - Art Museum by Kuang Ming (Ray), Chou explains, Song Art Museum transforms everything into geometry and purity from the outside to inner. "Govern without intervention <Cropped>

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Range of Chocolate Tablets by Ampro Design

Ampro Design Spotlights The Spria Chocolate Range of Chocolate Tablets

AMPRO DESIGN, the project leader of the award winning project AMPRO DESIGN's Spria Chocolate Range of chocolate tablets demonstrates, The SPRIA logo is written in delicious chocolate and leave uncovered in a mythical forest full of goodies. The <Cropped>

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Award Winning 3 Compartment Gourmet Bento Lunch Container With Utensils

Wei Young Demonstrates The 3 Compartment Gourmet Bento Lunch Container With Utensils

Wei Young, the author of the awarded project Lunch Container with utensils by Wei Young spells out, This Gourmet Bento Set is a wonderfully functional all-in-one set for lunch, featuring a lunch container with a spacious interior with 1 large entree <Cropped>

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Zhe Gu Tea by Sun Jian

Sun Jian Creates The Zhe Gu Tea Environmental Packing

Sun Jian, the creator of the award winning design Environmental Packing by Sun Jian explains, The high-end packaging originated from an obstruct conception of Buddhism as the Chinese word “Kon”. Buddhist pursues ethereality and integrity. The pac <Cropped>

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Award Presentation by Sets and Props Smp

Sets and Props Smp Exhibits The Stage For An Award Presentation Award Presentation

Sets and Props SMP, the creator of the highlighted work Award presentation :Stage for an Award Presentation by Sets and Props SMP illustrates, This celebratory stage was designed with a unique look and required the flexibility of presenting a music s <Cropped>

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