2020 Annual International Art Exhibition Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion

Submit Your Artwork On The Interpretation of Embracing Our Differences' Theme “enriching Lives Through Diversity.” Artists Possess a Powerful Tool to Evoke Social Change. Without Uttering a Single Word, They Can Enlighten, Educate and Effect C

Submit your artwork on the interpretation of embracing our differences' theme “enriching lives through diversity.” Artists possess a powerful tool to evoke social change. without uttering a single word, they can enlighten, educate and eff <Cropped>

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Table by S. Mazzolini, C. Fumarola, F. Rocchi

S. Mazzolini, C. Fumarola, F. Rocchi Spotlights The Papaveri-fioriture Collection by Unica Table

S. Mazzolini, C. Fumarola, F. Rocchi , the designer of the displayed design Table by S. Mazzolini, C. Fumarola, F. Rocchi points out, Fioriture arises from the desire to create magical environments in which the energy flows as in a secret garden. Dif <Cropped>

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Platon Ivantsov For Krylia Fmcg Branding's Alexx Black Snake Innovative Brandy

Platon Ivantsov For Krylia Fmcg Branding Illustrates The Alexx Black Snake Innovative Brandy

Platon Ivantsov for Krylia FMCG Branding, the lead designer of the highlighted project Award Winning AleXX Black Snake innovative brandy spells out, AleXX is the first creative Ukrainian brandy in fusion style intended to change all previous stereoty <Cropped>

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Tolga Berkay's Organic Design Set Ceramic Sanitaryware Set

Tolga Berkay Portrays The Organic Design Set Ceramic Sanitaryware Set

Tolga Berkay, the creator of the award winning work Organic Design Set by Tolga Berkay demonstrates, “Organic design is a concept which rightfully belongs to the world of nature. It is the order of form in nature, or the study and statement of form <Cropped>

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Irene by a.a.a. Interior Design

A.a.a. Interior Design Shows The Irene Office

A.A.A. Interior Design, the maker of the displayed work Office:Irene by A.A.A. Interior Design demonstrates, Transforming from virtual reality to actual reality by using the concept of a vertical micro-city. By reconstructing the deconstruction mater <Cropped>

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Insta360 Pro by Even Wang, Livi Huang and River He

Even Wang, Livi Huang and River He Spotlights The Insta360 Pro Professional Vr Camera

Even Wang, Livi Huang and River He, the lead designer of the award winning project Even Wang, Livi Huang and River He's Insta360 Pro Professional VR Camera explicates, The Insta360 Pro is a professional VR camera, with 6 fish-eye lenses surroun <Cropped>

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Sur Les Chevaux Orientaux Et Provenant-Scientific Publication of Manuscript by Aleksandra Toborowicz

Aleksandra Toborowicz Reveals The Sur Les Chevaux Orientaux Et Provenant Scientific Publication of Manuscript

Aleksandra Toborowicz, the architect of the awarded project scientific publication of manuscript by Aleksandra Toborowicz explicates, Exclusive scientific edition about Arabic culture and Arabian horses is based on and inspired by beautifully illustr <Cropped>

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2019taipei International Design Award(tida)

Taipei City Government Has Been Devoted to Shaping Taipei Into a City With Design Visions and Has Been Encouraging Designers to Contemplate On The Meaning of Design, to See Design as a Problem-solving Tool, That Is, to Solve Problems Inevitably Faced by T

Taipei city government has been devoted to shaping taipei into a city with design visions and has been encouraging designers to contemplate on the meaning of design, to see design as a problem-solving tool, that is, to solve problems inevitably faced <Cropped>

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Fossiture's Diodon Solium Sofa

Fossiture Shows The Diodon Solium Sofa

Fossiture, the author of the awarded design Diodon Solium by Fossiture says, Diododon Soliun is designed as an art object with full furniture functionality. It can be used as an armchair, with an optional puff fastened to the back, or as a sofa for <Cropped>

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Gallery by Mandartech Interiors Inc

Mandartech Interiors Inc. Exhibits The Eslite Spectrum Gallery

Mandartech Interiors Inc., the author of the displayed design Eslite Spectrum by Mandartech Interiors Inc. demonstrates, Eslite Suzhou was designed based on the concept of an aesthetic living gallery, a lifestyle Mecca with a 72 step grand stairs w <Cropped>

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