38/F-39/F Mandarin Oriental Apartments-residential Apartment by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Designs The 38/F-39/F Mandarin Oriental Apartments Residential Apartment

The author of the award winning project 38/F-39/F Mandarin Oriental Apartments by Acclaimed Designer explicates, The Tree is symbolic of being protective, sheltering and being able to nurture life-giving energy. The idea is to allow its occupants to <Cropped>

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Thesize Surfaces's Neolith® Calacatta Surfacing Solution

Thesize Surfaces Demonstrates The Neolith® Calacatta Surfacing Solution

TheSize Surfaces, the architect of the displayed project Surfacing solution:Neolith® Calacatta by TheSize Surfaces illustrates, Neolith® Calacatta offers a marble-like design with bold dramatic veining that closely resembles nature. Combined with t <Cropped>

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White Void by Yoshitaka Uchino

Yoshitaka Uchino Illustrates The White Void House

Yoshitaka Uchino, the thinktank behind the awarded design White Void by Yoshitaka Uchino explains, Their main idea is that people live in the house with nature feeling the light and the transition of light and shadow. The solutions of the practice <Cropped>

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Hangzhou Zhongshuge Bookstore by Xiang Li

Xiang Li Reveals The Hangzhou Zhongshuge Bookstore Bookstore

Xiang Li, the designer of the displayed project Hangzhou Zhongshuge Bookstore - Bookstore by Xiang Li demonstrates, After years of growth, Hangzhou Zhongshuge is always adhering to its initial desire to emerge as the most beautiful bookstore for read <Cropped>

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2020 Embracing Our Differences International Art Exhibit Celebrating Diversity

The Centerpiece of Embracing Our Differences Is An Outdoor Juried Art Exhibit Featuring 50 Billboard Size Images Created by Local, National and International Artists and Writers. The Theme Is "enriching Lives Through Diversity."art Is a Powerful

The centerpiece of embracing our differences is an outdoor juried art exhibit featuring 50 billboard size images created by local, national and international artists and writers. the theme is "enriching lives through diversity."Art is a pow <Cropped>

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Award Winning Starry Night Lighting

Nima Bavardi, Saber Sajadi Exhibits The Starry Night Lighting

Nima Bavardi, Saber Sajadi, the designer of the awarded design Starry Night by Nima Bavardi, Saber Sajadi explicates, "Starry Night" reflects constellation of ursa major known as "Seven Stars" and mythology behind it emergence int <Cropped>

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Packaging by Marco D'aroma

Marco D'aroma Presents The Tocco Wine Packaging

Marco D'Aroma, the lead designer of the awarded work Packaging:Tocco Wine by Marco D'Aroma illustrates, Brand restyling and graphic project of the new labels for the Tocco wines. A newly-done project boasting a strong visual effect, which r <Cropped>

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Award Winning Grenada Apartment

Fahad Alhumaidi Illustrates The Grenada Apartment

Fahad Alhumaidi, the designer of the displayed design - by Fahad Alhumaidi demonstrates, Taking inspiration from our clients a young newlywed couple, We came up with a bold yet simple design. This apartment displaying a minimalist cozy design approac <Cropped>

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Stacha-Stuttering Experience Device by Yuka Fukuoka

Yuka Fukuoka Shows The Stacha Stuttering Experience Device

Yuka Fukuoka, the designer of the awarded project Stuttering Experience Device:STACHA by Yuka Fukuoka says, Stuttering affects as many as 1 in 100 adults, or 70 million people worldwide. Stuttering is a disorder defined by a broken pattern of speech, <Cropped>

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Brand and Visual Identity by Elephant Design Pvt Ltd

Elephant Design Pvt Ltd Demonstrates The Voot Brand and Visual Identity

ELEPHANT DESIGN PVT LTD , the architect of the displayed work Brand and Visual identity:VOOT by ELEPHANT DESIGN PVT LTD explains, Since the identity was being designed for a digital platform, we envisaged an identity that would be more playful, dynam <Cropped>

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